Best Buy Targets as of 2-4-2013

If your resolution is to begin a TtP-S portfolio, or if you’re just watching to see how it works, or if you’re an old hand at selecting stocks from you own SU, here’s MY SU selection tool with MY live data for you to consider. “MY” is capitalized, because each person must make the decisions based upon their own criteria. But it can’t hurt to look at how someone else did it either J

Below is a “live” spreadsheet that will work just fine from your browser (no excel needed). You can try your hand at producing a BBT list from MY SU. I’ve done all the preprocessing for this set of stocks, and the data is included. The first sheet (2-4-13 SU Filter) contains all 128 stocks in my current SU, with data current as of 2-4-13. You can use the filter arrows at the top to create BBT candidates—right in your browser. OR, you can press the small download button (lower right) and download to your excel to work locally.

The next two excel sheets are extracts of the first. I have two “starting BBT” filters that I work from each time I’m building a new BBT. One is “Tight” the other is “Standard.” I’ve added an “80-100 Ten Score” sheet just in case someone is interested in that classification system.  The selection criteria (for Standard, Tight and Ten Score)  are detailed following the spreadsheet.

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4 Responses to Best Buy Targets as of 2-4-2013

  1. Jenna says:

    Thanks for doing both the standard AND tight! With the amount of volatility expected over the next few months, I have high hopes that the year will be as good as the first day was. :) If not, that’s ok, dividends will cover us well!

  2. Pete A says:

    You have the concept! Hopefully, this will be one of the “good” TtP-S years; some are clunkers with 5% or so return on invested cash, but that would happen only if, as the year went bye, you managed to purchase only stocks that didn’t sell on the up ticks…unlikely!

  3. Sandra says:

    Thanks for your tips about using MSWord & WordPress — very helpful. I’m planning on doing a 1-time site for an economic project (about safe investing, as a matter of fact!) & wondering if I should type my notes in Word or in the WP editor.



    • Pete A says:

      Hi Sandra,
      Hard call. I do nearly all my posts in MS Word 2010 or 2013 (I have both; no preference, really).
      BUT, I also have “installed” the direct link from Word to my WP blog. I click a button in Word to choose the category, and another to post the completed entry, pictures and all.
      Frankly, it has been awhile since I set it up, but it wasn’t too hard.
      See the Inteface Here:

      Good luck!

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